The Dolls House (Throw Back Thursday)

So seeing as I have almost 500 followers I’ve decided to repost the firs ever poem I’ve put on this blog. It’s called the Dolls hous. I hope you enjoy!

They hear the rain as it falls on the roof,

The noise to the slats being hit heavy.

They fear that something may be wrong.

This is the third day they hear the sound Of the rain.

The rain starts to fall harder on the little doll house

As the eyes of the girl starts to sting.

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Cry for Attention

“Go away.” “Get lost” “Nobody wants you here”¬†
The words still ringing in his ears.
He bangs, slams, makes noise, makes sounds,
Loud noises. He screams, he cries, he roars.

He takes a drug, and another, even another.
He drinks, drinks all night, has sex, and cries.
In his dark room, he watches, as he drowns himself,
He begs, anyone, anybody, anything! Please listen,
To his screams and cries.

Snowy Night

She passed the flickering light..
It was a candle.
She stopped to admire the flame
As it danced through the snowy wind.
Encased in it’s little box,
As though it were prepared to be buried.

The flame dwindles as the wax melts away.
She picks up a leaf from the ground
And admires the brown colour. It stood out
On the white snow.
The white candle , on the white snow
On the white stones, above a white coffin.

She smiles.
Her baby can finally play in the snow.