The Hooker

A dark and busy town at night, 

A hooker stands by the street light. 

A child at home alone in bed,

Can’t tell when last he was fed. 
A hooded man, a flash of grey, 

One swift movement, a fine red spray. 

No money, all in vain,

A child in bed, alone in pain 

The materials that we long for,

The children with their bloodied coats,

Their shadows that we ignore.
Choose this life despite the pain,

And all the alcohol soaked stains. 

Tomorrow’s just another day 

Two Young Hearts

Two young hearts in love were joined,

His and hers forever tied,

Too young to work, they went their way,

Now he comes here everyday.

The place their lips collided first,

Betrayed by his blue eyes they burst.

Screams fill the cold night air,

Wondering did she ever care.

He turns to leave and there she stands.

Another man now in her arms.

He feels his heart ripped from his chest,

Is this the place she brought the rest?

Anger fills his aching lungs,

As he loses control  and screams,

With desperation as he watches,

His true love love her new love

And he knows he will never,

Have another love.

Here I am

And here I am, looking in your window,
I am under a sky, yet to be blue.
Oh and I see you with him, your bodies together.
Together.. Together.. No. That’s not right.
What about our past? What about me?

And here I am,
Running naked through your garden.
But you see me not. Not once.
No, you have never layed those gorgeous eyes upon me.
But behold, here I am. And I can see all of you.

But no, this is wrong.
Go, be happy.

The Schoolboy

He sits at his desk in the room.
His teacher asking each of them a question.
“Please not me” he begs in his mind.
“Please not me,” he closes his eyes.

But she asks him anyway.
Looking up, he tries to speak but he cannot.
Nothing is familiar to him now.
He sweats, he panics, he stutters.

He looks up at his teacher with his hopeless face,
and whispers “I don’t know”