Dead Love

And as the coffin is lowered down,
I fling myself on top,
Desperate, grasping for hope,
That there’s still life yet.

I’m dragged back by friends,
Desperate I scream,
Anguish fills my lungs
I can scream no more.

Inside that coffin lies,
The biggest part of me.
There’s nobody in it,
Just the remains of us.

The Virgin Land

The shallow blue waters,
The curves and bends of the land,
Bumps, and hils, so imperfect, yet perfect.
Untouched by man, it is better.

The long grass, covered with damp morning dew,
In the deep valley between the mountains.
A man would be afraid to touch,
To go near, in fear of destroying the land.

The Song

Hearing a new song, it can be enticing,
The thrill of getting to know its parameters,
The beat, the sound, wanting to know it all.
Needing to know everything about the song.

Who wrote it? What’s the time signature?
What’s the lyrics? The meaning behind the song?
Are there other versions?
The start of an obsession.

Later, another song captivates,
And the first, becomes boring.


(NOTE: I’m sorry if this offends anyone. It’s metaphorical for relationships. I’ve just seen many people jump from one person to the next because of “boredom” or they met someone more “exciting” or something. And that’s how I feel about songs sometimes lol So I’m very sorry if people find this offensive. Obviously not every relationship/person is like this.) 


But what if I want to break?
What if I want to laugh again?
If I were to fall, deeper than before,
Would anyone laugh besides me?

Maybe I won’t ever want to fight,
I’m back now, or am I?
My vision is fading,
And my memory is too.

They say I’m too young to worry,
Or to know what I want from life.
But you’ve found me and I know,
That what I want, is to be lost.