Unbuttoning my shirt,
You expose my chest.
I trust you, so I let you.

Now my heart,
Is in your hands,
To do with what you like.
Please be gentle with your grip.

The Fondest Heart

Hold onto me when you feel alone.
I’ll be there to rid the cold.
You will find in time of need,
I’ll run to you with all my speed.

I’ve made mistakes, mistakes a many
But loving you, was one too many.
You let me go so we’re no longer,
But everyday my heart grows fonder.

To Be a Killer

As I chase him through the town,
The streetlights are all that illuminate us.
I see his shadow, and the devil shows his face.
Scared to death, I am to blame.

I use to search the earth, needing this,
A killer chasing a killer.
“You murderer.” He has done me wrong.
I flash the steel of the blade emerging from my pants.

“You only have yourself to blame” he whispers.
And as I look into his eyes, I notice something.

(To be continued)

The Song

Hearing a new song, it can be enticing,
The thrill of getting to know its parameters,
The beat, the sound, wanting to know it all.
Needing to know everything about the song.

Who wrote it? What’s the time signature?
What’s the lyrics? The meaning behind the song?
Are there other versions?
The start of an obsession.

Later, another song captivates,
And the first, becomes boring.


(NOTE: I’m sorry if this offends anyone. It’s metaphorical for relationships. I’ve just seen many people jump from one person to the next because of “boredom” or they met someone more “exciting” or something. And that’s how I feel about songs sometimes lol So I’m very sorry if people find this offensive. Obviously not every relationship/person is like this.)