Invisible Danger

Its dark,

I’m running. Sweat drips down my face.

Consumed by terror, I can only run.

The blackness adds to the fear.

I opt to turn, taking a battle stance,

I stare into the soulless eyes.

Am I in danger?

Or is there really anyone there at all?

To Be a Killer

As I chase him through the town,
The streetlights are all that illuminate us.
I see his shadow, and the devil shows his face.
Scared to death, I am to blame.

I use to search the earth, needing this,
A killer chasing a killer.
“You murderer.” He has done me wrong.
I flash the steel of the blade emerging from my pants.

“You only have yourself to blame” he whispers.
And as I look into his eyes, I notice something.

(To be continued)