Hi guys, so I usually write poetry and I haven’t posted in a while.
The reason is I’ve been very depressed. I tried to commit suicide (but failed obviously).
I just want to tell anybody out there who is thinking of suicide, don’t. Okay? Just don’t. I’m not going to say it gets better or any of that, because for me it’s only been getting worse. But if you could see what my family and friends were like. The pain they were in. It’s just not worth doing that to people you care about.
And suicide is so painful. I tried to OD on paracetamol. My stomach was so painful for days. It was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt, and I’ve been concussed, tore ligaments in my knee, you name it. This was unbearable.

Just if you’re thinking about suicide, please don’t okay? Anyone can feel free to comment their email or whatever and I’ll email you if you want to talk even. Just please don’t do it, because I promise, so many people care about you, regardless of if you know it or not.


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