When she was five years old,
I brought her down to the river she loved.
Playing by the edge we had great fun,
But I turned for just a moment, and that’s when she fell.

So to this day, every week,
I visit that one spot I hate most.
I hear her scream all over
“mommy help, please help.”

But I coudn’t help you.
And oh how you loved that river.
Is your heaven that river?
Then it too, would be my Heaven.

But oh how it scares me and I hate it.
And the scream still lingering.
I go there, and I see her face,
The pain slipping beneath the surface.

Couldn’t the angels take anyone else?
Everyone still blames me, me too.
So I crash my car into the river.
Is it your face I see there?

But I wake from a coma.
Why did I wake? I just wanted to see you.
I hear the water in my ears,
Is this what it was like for her?

Somebody please lie to me!
I’m so lonely, I need her home.
“Mommy, Please save me”
But I can’t


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