Here I am

And here I am, looking in your window,
I am under a sky, yet to be blue.
Oh and I see you with him, your bodies together.
Together.. Together.. No. That’s not right.
What about our past? What about me?

And here I am,
Running naked through your garden.
But you see me not. Not once.
No, you have never layed those gorgeous eyes upon me.
But behold, here I am. And I can see all of you.

But no, this is wrong.
Go, be happy.

Black Ink

I have been wasting away in the shadows,
Reading these same dead letters searching,
For any meaning, nought has been found.
The only letters with meaning,
Are the ones, which were wrote by my pen.

I have been searching these letters,
But they are dead. meaningless.
But oh no, there are ones with meaning.
The ones, which were wrote, in my black ink.

To Be a Killer

As I chase him through the town,
The streetlights are all that illuminate us.
I see his shadow, and the devil shows his face.
Scared to death, I am to blame.

I use to search the earth, needing this,
A killer chasing a killer.
“You murderer.” He has done me wrong.
I flash the steel of the blade emerging from my pants.

“You only have yourself to blame” he whispers.
And as I look into his eyes, I notice something.

(To be continued)