Allyssia (Chapter 2)

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The following morning was somewhat more settled. Unable to talk about what happened, Allyssia doesn’t bring it up. Sean however asks her if she will call the cops to which she promises she will on the way home from college.

Marie and Allyssia walk to the college together, the rest of the group don’t have lectures until later in the day. To try take her mind off of what happened the night before Marie asks Allyssia if there is that special someone back home.

“No. I’ve never really had a proper boyfriend. I’m not exactly miss popularity.”

Marie looks at her strangely.

“But you’re really pretty. Surely you’ve had some boys after you.”

“Boys, yeah that’s all,” mocks Allyssia. Marie laughs in response.

“What about you? Any guys?”

“No,” replies Marie slowly, “I’ve had a few boyfriends, but they only ever wanted one thing so I kept leaving them.”

“Sex?” asks Allyssia

“Yeah. Except for one who kept wanting ice-cream. He’s fat now. But at least he didn’t want sex. Or maybe he did. Maybe ice-cream was meant to be code and I just kept buying him Ben and Jerry’s. Oh dear.”

Allyssia starts to laugh. Marie notices and starts to laugh with her.

“I don’t know” says Marie. “Guys are silly.”

“Yeah” agrees Allyssia.

They walk along in comfortable silence for a few moments before reaching the college. Inside they part ways as they head towards their different lecture halls.

After her first lecture, Marie has an hour off while the rest of her housemates have lecturers. She spends this hour in the library studying what she has just learned. She looks at the clock and notices the hour has passed. She agreed to meet Jade and Allyssia in the canteen for lunch earlier so she packs her things and turns to leave.

“Marie! Over here” she hears. It’s Jade. She’s already sitting with Allyssia.

“Hey guys” smiles Marie as she takes a seat.

“So what are we up to?” Marie inquires.

“Nothing really. Just talking, rating the guys in here from one to Johnny Depp” Jade infroms her.

“Ew, but Johnny Depp is like 50!”

“So? I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed for farting.”

“Probably because you’d be farting along with him”

“Yeah good point. Anyway, how was your first lecture?”

“It was good.” At this point Marie notices that Allyssia still hasn’t said a word. She’s just been sitting quietly, looking at her coffee.

“Hey look, there’s Sean and Gus.” Jade sees the guys about four tables down. Sean sees her and heads over.

“Gus not coming over?” asks Jade.

“No, I think he’s happy enough there chatting up women. Typical Gus. He’ll probably end up in one of their beds now tonight.”

“Who the Hell would want him in their bed? I don’t mind as long as he doesn’t bring those tramps back. I don’t want them anywhere near me. Anyone who would touch him is only a tramp.”

“Woah, did I hit a nerve here? Bit harsh, Jade” Sean says failing to surpress his laughter.

Suddenly Allyssia starts to shake violently.

“What’s wrong with her?” Jade panics.

“I don’t know, quick call the nurse! Allyssia, Allyssia can you hear me?” Sean notices her starting to frought at the corner of her mouth. Marie runs for help. At this stage an audience has started to gather.

“Allyssia, it’s going to be okay! Marie has gone to get a nurse. Me and Jade are here with you.” Jade starts getting people to back away from her to allow her air. Then, as suddenly as it started Allyssia stops shaking.

“Okay everyone back away” yells the college nurse. “The doctor is on his way” she says to Sean and Jade. “What happened her?”
Sean answers. “We have no idea. She just started convulsing like crazy. She was attacked last night. Said some guy bit her.” The nurse examines Allyssia’s neck.

“Okay her pulse is slowing down which is good. It was far too quick.”

Allyssia wakes up. She screams.

“Allyssia, it’s nurse Conolly here. You’re in the college canteen. You’re going to be okay. Here’s the doctor now.”

The group look up to see a man dressed with a white coat running over with a bag in his hand. He shines a light into Allyssia’s eyes one at a time.

“Allyssia, I’m doctor Harkin. Did you take any drugs? Perscription or otherwise?”

“No, nothing” declares Allyssia.

Nurse Connolly clears the canteen of all students and facilty alike except for Allyssia’s friends.

“I’m going to take you with me to my office is that okay?” Doctor Harkin asks Allyssia.

“Yeah sure. But I’m okay now.”

“Yeah well better safe than sorry.”
Allyssia leaves with the doctor.

The rest of the group meet Gus outside.

“Guys, the Hell happened? They made me get out. I tried saying I was her friend but they wouldn’t let me in. Is she okay?”

“She is” replies Jade.

“Yeah, she scared us but it looks like she’s going to be fine” says Sean.

Marie has her hands over her face. Sean notices her sobbing. He pulls her aside leaving Gus with Jade.

“Hey, you okay?” asks Sean.

“Yeah I’m fine. I’m just really worried about Allyssia. Some freak could have raped her and then she has a fit right in front of us! What if he drugged her and this is part of the side effects? What is something happens her?”

“Stop!” demands Sean. “Nothing will happen her. I promise. I will look after her. And she has you, and Jade and Gus too. We’re all here to help her through this. Come on, don’t cry.” Sean pulls Marie into a tight hug who rests her chin on his shoulder.

“Thanks, Sean.” Marie steps back after a short while in his arms. Sean whipes a tear off her face.

“Come on, lets go back to the other two.”

Gus and Jade are yelling at each other. Neither Marie nor Sean can make it out.

“Hey, hey! guys!” Marie yells at them.

“SHUT UP!” screams Sean at the two. “What is wrong with ye? Your friend is in the doctors. So if ye are done being children lets go and check up on her.”

“She started it.”

“Yeah and I’m finishing it.”
Together the four walk back to get Allyssia. She is walking out of the door when they meet her. The group run over to her, Marie grips her tightly.

“Al, are you okay? What happened? What did he say?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. He just asked if I had a history of having seziures, I said no. He took a blood sample. I’ll have to wait for the final results, but he thought he found some sort of poison or drug or something in my blood. I started froughting at the mouth and having a fit because my body was trying to reject it.”

They each hug her in turn. They then proceed to walk back towards the house.

“So nobody is going to their lectures today then?” asks Gus trying to lighten the mood.

“Oh shut up! We have much more important things to do” Jade retorts.

“No Gus, no we ain’t. We were all finished except for Marie anyway.” Sean turns to her, “you can go to your lecture if you want.”

“No, it’s okay. I’d rather be near Allyssia looking after her. I want to know she’s safe and okay.”

“She will be with us. If you want to go you can.”

“No, it’s okay, honest. I’d just rather be home with her. Thanks though” Marie places a soft kiss upon Seans cheeck. Surprised, he begins to choke on his own syliva whilst his cheeks turn to a firey red.

Marie giggles while the rest of the group, including Allyssia burst into laughter. Marie starts to blush too as she looks at the ground, almost as if she is mimicking Seans actions.

They all walk home together, somewhat more light hearted. Sean doesn’t ask Allyssia about going to the cops. He decides perhaps it’s best not to cause her any more grief for the day. Allyssia noticing is relieved.

When they arrive back at the house Jade asks what everyone would like for dinner.

“I’ll prepare the first official dinner in the house” she offers.

“Wouldn’t mind eating you,” Gus says while sending a flirtatious wink in Jade’s direction. Jade strikes a pose which is meant to be a mocking and sexy at the same time, but with a sarcastic smile.

“Gus, stop hitting on the chef,” Sean teases. Gus laughs in response while Jade starts to blush hoping nobody notices, which they don’t.

They all sit down to dinner.

“What is it?” asks Marie as she enters the kitchen.

“It’s a chicken curry. I’ve rice in the big pot there, you can all serve yourselves.”

“Smells good,” Sean observes with a whiff of air through his nose.

About halfway through dinner there comes a knock on the front door. Marie offers to get it, but Sean is already out of his seat.

“Is Allyssia home?” inquires the tall, hooded fiqure.

“Who’s asking?”

“I work with Dr. Harkin” informs the stranger. “My name is Samuel.” The man removes his hood, revealing a stern face with a shaved head. His green eyes darting past Sean into the house.

“It’s okay,” Sean hears Allyssia’s voice coming from the kitchen.

“Come in” she says. “Sean, everyone, this is Samuel. He was working with Dr. Harkin today. He took my blood samples.”

“Allyssia,” Samuel speaks softly. “You must come with me. We’ve gotten the results back. I need to bring you to the doctors main office. It’s about ten minute drive from here.”

“No way. No way is she going with a stranger” states Sean. “Not without me anyway.”

“Sean, you don’t have to come, I’ll be okay.”

“Look,” Samuel interupts, “guys, I really need to take her. Sean you’re welcome to come along but we must leave.”

“I’m coming too” demands Marie. “She’s my friend. I want to kow she’s okay.”

Samuel sighs.

“Fine” he says, “whatever, can we please leave? It’s urgent.”

They all walk out into Samuels car. It’s a BMW, only two years old. The windows are all tinted. They all remain quiet in the car, afraid of what the results may say.

They arrive at the hospital.

“I thought we were going to the doctors office” says Sean.

“We are, his office is in the hospital.”

They all walk into the hospital, turn left after the main entrance and walk a little down the hall. Dr. Harkins office is on the left. It’s a small room with just a table and some chairs.

“I must ask that only Allysia comes in. Doctor/ patient confidentiality.”

“Sure” says Sean. Marie waits outside with Sean.

Inside in the office Dr. Harkin is already sitting when Allyssia and Samuel enter.

“Allyssia.” The doctor speaks softly. “I’m afriad I’ve got some news. You must stay here tonight. Where I can keep an eye you.”

The doctor proceeds to tell Allyssia that she has been bitten by a vampire.
Allyssia laughs. “No really, what is it?” she asks.

“I’m not joking” he responds Allyssia notices the seriousness in his eyes. He looked almost desperate.

“Samuel here is also a vampire. Show her Sammy.” In a quick move Samuel has his teeth flashed against her neck. He shows her his retractable fangs.

Allyssia is amazed but refuses to believe them.

“Look, Allyssia,” the doctor says. “I know it’s hard to believe, but you must. The vampire didn’t turn you. He just drank from you. you have his venom in your blood. You will die if you do not turn. You must turn. As soon as possible. To do this, Samuel here will have to re-bite you. Then you must drink from him. If you were to just drink from him then his blood and the other vampires venom would mix creating an even more toxic poison in your blood stream causing almost instant death. By letting him bite you and injecting his own venom, his venom will neutralise the other vampires. This unfortunately is not a neutralisation like that of which you are used to. this neutralisation causes a lot of pain. It does not cancel out each of their venom either. The fresher venom is stronger so it lasts even after the battle with the other venom. I wish there was another way Allyssia. I really do.”
Allyssia is speechless. She looks from Samuel to the doctor.

“vamp. . Vampires don’t exist” she finally says.

After much discussion, the doctor is able to talk to Allyssia about vampires, and she starts to believe him. She realises she must turn. Samuel informs Marie and Sean that Allyssia must stay in for observation. He calls a taxi which drives them back to the house.

“Why must she stay?” Sean asks Samuel.

“Her blood is infected and it’s spreading throughout her body. She should be okay. But we have to keep an eye on the infection.” Samuel sympothises with Sean and Marie laying a hand on both of their shoulders.

“She’ll be okay though, right?”

“Yes, Marie. She will be okay. She may be a little shook up, but she wil be fine in time.”

Marie hugs Sean tightly. Samuel notices the tears in her eyes. He turns to walk back inside the hospital as he hears Sean’s voice.

“Hey! Wait.”

“Yeah?” Samuel sounds rather annoyed.

“Thanks” says Sean extending his hand. Samuel softens. Almost smiling. He takes Seans hand and bows his head as he turns and leaves.
Marie and Sean enter the taxi and get a lift back to the house.

“Are you okay?” Sean looks at Marie hopeful.

“I’m just so worried about her. She’s just such a nice girl. She doesn’t deserve this.” Marie starts crying. Sean puts his arm around her, allowing her to cry on his shoulder.

“As am I, Marie, as am I.”

As Sean and Marie walk back into the house, they hear yelling coming from the living room.

“Oh shut up Gus!”

“Oh come on, noboy watches this crap anyway!”

Sean turns to face Marie.

“I think I might just go to my room. I’m just going to watch an X-Men movie online. You’re welcome to join me if you want”

“Sure. Just give me a minute and I’ll be up”

Dean walks up to his bedroom while Marie informs Jade and Gus of what happened at the hospital.

“Oh no. Will she be okay?” Jade is genuinely worried.

“Yeah she should be. They’re just keeping her in for observation I think.”

“Man that sucks. Jade, Marie, when she’s back I think we need to look out for each other. Everyone. Sean included.”

“Gus, that’s the first bit of sense you’ve spoken since you’ve got here” mocks Jade.

“No, look I’m serious. This town could be full of people like that creep. I want you all to be careful. Even you Jade.”

“Okay, touchy-feely-sharey-feely time is over now” says Jade annoyed.

“Anyway guys, I’m heading upstairs, myself and Sean are going to watch an X-Men movie online. I’m not much of a superhero fan but it’s better than thinking about Allyssia.”

“Night Marie” responds Jade and Gus.

Marie enters Sean room and closes the door. His room is small, there’s the bed, a wardrobe and his acoustic guitar. That’s about all that will fit in up there.

Sean is sitting with his back against the wall. Marie sits beside him as he types the webaddress into the browser.

“You ever seen the X-Men?” Sean asks.

“No. My friends back home love it though.”

“Okay, I’ll load the first one so.”

In a few momentsthe movie is playing with Marie sitting beside Sean.

“So, you like the X-Men?” Marie asks trying to get to know Sean a bit better.

“Yeah” replies Sean, “I’ve seen all the movies. I’m a sucker for comic book heros like Wolverine, Batman, Spiderman, Hellboy and so on. I love them.” Marie just smiles in response.

About halfway through the film Sean turns to ask Marie what she thinks. He’s about to speak when he notices Marie is asleep. Sean, a little confused as to what to do, decides that the best thing to do is just let her sleep after having such a hectic day. He pulls th covers over her to keep her warm and turns off the light before leaving the room, gently closing the door so as not to wake her.

Sean walks downstairs where he decides he’ll sleep on the couch. Jade and Gus are still up watching the television.

“Hey guys” Sean forces out while rubbing his tired eyes.

“Hey Sean” they both reply.

“Anyway, I should head to bed” Jade declares a she leaves the room.

“Night boys”

“Night Jade” they reply.

“So man, what’s the story with you and marie eh?”

“What do you mean?”

“Sean come on, we’ve been friends how long now? You’re completely besotten by her!”
“I most certainly am not” Sean replies calmly.

“Oh really? So you don’t feel anything for her at all?”

“Well I mean, she’s cute. She has amazing eyes and she’s so nice.”

“So why don’t you ask her out?”

“You kidding?” Sean is shocked. “There’s no way I could ask her out! We’re housemates. It’d be wrong. Not to mention, with everything going on with Allyssia I think it’s better if I say nothing. She’s upset and confused enough as it is.”

“You’re a good guy Sean. A foolish, but good guy. Anyway, I’m going to head to bed as well. See you tomorrow man.”

“Night bro.”

Sean lays down on the couch to sleep. He starts thinking about how the conversation would go with Marie if he was to tell her abuot his feelings.

“I barely know the girl” he thinks to himself. “No, I will say nothing. She will only think of me as a creep. So that’s it, I’ve my mind made up.”

The following morning Marie wakes up in Seans bed. She instantly looks around for Sean but observes he is not in the room. Confused, she descends down the stairs to the kitchen to pour a bowl of cereal when she sees Sean on the couch asleep. Marie smiles to herself and takes a second to look at him before going in to the kitchen. She pours a bowl of cornflakes for herself and begins to eat it when Jade comes down the stairs behind her.

“Yo'” greets Jade.

“‘sup” Marie says tilting her head upwards trying to act tough.

“Don’t ever do that again” Jade laughs. “You’re better suited as the innocent one.”

Marie smiles at Jade. Since moving in together, Marie has really grown to like Jade. She’s the rebellious, outgoing, witty girl that Marie wishes she could be more like.

“So I saw you come out of Sean’s room this morning” says Jade in a teasing tone while sending a wink in Marie’s direction.

“Yeah. We were watching an X-Men film and I fell asleep. I guess he didn’t want to wake me and that’s why he slept on the couch and left me up there.”

“He slept on the couch?”

“Yeah, he’s still asleep in there.”

Jade laughs, but inside she realises that Sean gave up his bed just so Marie wouldn’t have to get up for five minutes to get into her own bed.

“That was actually really nice of him,” Jade sounds disappointed.

“Yeah it was. He’s a really nice guy.”

“So do you like him? I mean, I don’t exactly want to be third wheeling, and there is no way I’ll be around if Gus is.” Jade sounds annoyed Marie decides.

“I don’t know. He’s lovely, but I only barely know him. Hey Jade, why do you hate Gus so much?”

“I don’t hate him. I just think he’s so full of himself. He’s one of those guys that thinks he can get any girl he wants. Well frankly I’m sick of those boys. I’ve had my fair share of them in the past and they’re nothing but trouble makers.”

Realising that she has probably hit a sore spot with Jade she decides to change the subject.

“so what time is your first lecture at today?” marie asks, glad to have a different topic at hand.

“Not until eleven. You?”


“You lucky little angel.”

“Is that meant to be an insult?” laughs Marie.

“What? No. You’re just not mean enough to call a devil.” Jade sticks out her tongue mockingly. Marie lightly slaps her on the arm.

Marie finishes her cereal while Jade makes herself a cup of coffee. Meanwhile they notice Sean starting to wake up.

“Morning sleepy” Jade decides to say.

“Morning” yawns Sean. “What time is it?”

“Only half nine” Marie informs him.

“Okay cool.”

“What time you in at?” Jade decides she’s going to try make small talk.


“Damn, am I the only one in early? I’ll see you losers later, I better go upstairs and shower.”

“See ya Jade,” offers Sean.

“Bye” says Marie.

“You didn’t enjoy the movie?” Sean sounds almost hurt.

“I did!” insists Marie, “It’s just that I was so tired. We can watch the rest of it tonight if you want.”

“Sure” smiles Sean.
Just then they hear a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it” offers Marie.

Marie opens the door.

“Al!” Marie yells lunging herself at her, pulling her into a tight hug.

Sean runs over and hugs her too. Gus who was upstairs comes running down. He picks her up and spins her.

“Oh Al, I’m so glad you’re back! I was afraid something terrible happened you.”

“No Marie, I’m okay. A little tired and confused but okay.”

“What did they do?” Sean asks.

“I’ll tell you guys later. I’m really sorry but I’ve been awake all night, I’m just going to go to bed. I’ve no lectures today thankfully.”

“Sure things,” Sean pulls her into another hug. The other two join in turning it into a group hug.

Marie proceeds up the stairs to her bedroom. The rest of them stay down, going into the living room and start talking.

“I hope she’s going be okay” says Gus.

“I’m sure she will” replies the only other male in the house.

“Hey guys,” Jade grabs their attention. “I got to go. I’ve a lecture. I’ll see you all later.” Jade picks up her bag and leaves the room as they all say goodbye.

One by one, they all leave for their lectures until Allyssia is in the house alone, asleep. Safe.


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