White Room

I am here, surrounded by people.
Or are these people even real?
Am I going insane again? Am I real?
How can I know if this life is mine,
If I cannot even tell what is here,
And what is not. I cannot tell.

I am in a living room, so full,
Of people, who are laughing, talking,
To me. They are talking to me!
But are they really talking? Are they
Really talking to me? How
Can I be sure if I don’t know?

I cannot really be here. There’s people.
Normal people. I must be back in that white room.



  1. Dude this is my type of writing πŸ™‚ it used to be a venting/healing thing for me but now I realise by sharing it and networking with others that it can become a positive thing by ppl relating to eachother, creating a support network through creative writing 😊✌️

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